Strike Security & Labor Unrest

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Strike Security & Labor Unrest

Tactical Support Services provides professional services and security devices to clients during crisis situations. Our objective is to allow the client to conduct business during times of high risk, such as labor unrest, strikes and potential workplace violence. Our staff of highly trained and qualified professionals will not become the issue during times of labor unrest.

Experienced consultants will help your staff prepare a comprehensive strike plan designed to your specific needs. Team members will know their role, and strike officers will manage events rather than react to them. Once your specialized team is assembled, Tactical Support Services Strike Support will implement contingency briefings to allow for continuity of site responsibility. Strike Support provides certainty in a potentially disruptive environment.

Tactical Support Services provides trained personnel in:

  • Picket Line Procedures
  • Documentation Teams
  • Rapid Response Teams
  • Executive Protection
  • Evidence Coordinator / available to testify in court to all and any infractions of local, state, federal laws
  • Command Post Operations
  • Site Coordinator / Site responsibility
  • Strike Officers – Trained in Labor Unrest

Tactical Support Services provides outside auditing of existing strike coverage from third party vendors. With this approach, the client is secure in knowing that those man hours billed are actual and not an oversight by the security provider. Our staff provides real time cost indicators to assist your staff in any oversight in costs and or adverse billing affects.

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Tactical Support Services, Inc. specializes in providing corporations with Professional Security Personnel to companies in need.

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