Logistics, Equipment & Support Services

Logistics, Equipment & Support Services

Tactical Support Solutions Logistics team manages the obtainment, appropriation, upkeep, and trade of material at labor disputes and natural disasters. What takes after is a posting of non specific things that may be vital amid this kind of circumstance. 

Remember that the site particulars for every work dispute could differ drastically which implies this rundown should be adjusted by including, changing or removing these different things to meet the present needs of the situation.

Cell Phones / Mobile Phones

Cell Phones are essential for telling crisis administrations and also to achieve a chief or a customer delegate in the occasion or an issue or episode. 

Radios / Walkie Talkies

Two-way radios are essential for "talk-around" purposes in the middle of posts and/or watches. This empowers all officers on movement at one an opportunity to identify with each other in the event of issues, issues, to check in, and so forth. There ought to be extra radios allocated to the record too. 

Camcorders / Video Cameras

Camcorders may be issued so officers will be able to tape occurrences. Aimless recording ought to be maintained a strategic distance from as it can be translated as provocation. 

Still Cameras 

Still cameras, probably a 35mm, might likewise be issued so officers will be able to photo scenes or episodes. Again aimless shooting ought to be maintained a strategic distance from as it can be translated as provocation. 

Sound Recorders / Audio Recorders

Sound recorders might likewise be issued so officers will be able to record voice discussions. Likewise with the video and photography aimless recording ought to be maintained a strategic distance from as it can be deciphered as badgering. 


The lighting of the office may not be sufficiently adequate for the night bit of the strike operation. Extra lighting may be required at any door, or garage, that is utilized amid a work stoppage. This extra lighting is fundamental with a specific end goal to give a satisfactory situation to permit compelling recording. 

Blockades / Barricades

Blockades, for example, an edge obstructions, movement cones, medium hindrances, bollards, drums, and so on can be utilized to either block or bottleneck high activity areas. This can be powerful and constraining for limiting vehicle or person on foot entrance to an office or facility.


Tactical Support Services has the capacity to give bolster administration to in any occasion, whether it is because of a characteristic calamity or in the case of a work stoppage. 

Our administration incorporates: 

  • Catering Services: A cooking truck will be transported to the occupation site and can give an assortment on menu decisions for a large number of individuals. 
  • Mobile Housing: Units will be accessible with beds for the individuals who need it amid the circumstance. 
  • Mobile Shower/Restrooms: Units will likewise be accessible to go with the portable lodging units that are given to work site. 
  • Mobile Laundry Units: These can be given for the situation that impermanent lodging is utilized for an augmented time and clothing turns into necessity.


In light of a disaster, Tactical Support Services has the capacity to give taking into account oblige our clients' necessities. Tactical Support Services is fit for synchronizing gear, individuals, supplies and food in any area across the nation. With our catering services, we can feed a huge number of individuals at every dinner, with menus that are adaptable and imaginative. 

Alongside with our catering service, Tactical Support Services can give refrigeration, mobile showers, portable clothing units, versatile restroom units, and dormitory units for response of any calamity. Tactical Support Services is ready to address the issues of our customers and adjust to fit precisely what is required of us.

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