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About Us

George Gamble,

Mr. Gamble’s impressive military background includes service with the United States Army, 82nd Airborne Division and 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Airborne. He is trained in light weapons and light mortar to include communications and electronic warfare. Mr. Gamble maintained a Top Secret Clearance due to the sensitive nature of his military obligations.

Mr. Gamble is presently involved in investigations of high-profile cases and is certified to instruct executive protection for select clients. Mr. Gamble maintains an active profile in the international protective environment, investigations and consulting. Mr. Gamble has worked in a diverse field of personal protection, with services provided to: Foreign Heads of State, The Royal Family Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Royal Family State of Qatar, The Japanese Embassy, Corporate Executives and Entertainers, among other clients. Mr. Gamble served on special assignment, in country, to The Royal Family Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War. He is also certified in 14 types of deep and shallow water diving apparatuses to include: mixed gas, demolitions, search and recovery, Mr. Gamble is certified to a depth of 200 + feet in regards to deep water applications.

Mr. Gamble’s background also includes coordinating Tactical Support Services on the ground in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina and in Florida following Hurricane Rita.

With a combined total of 30 years of experience, Mr. Gamble has served as a Site Commander, Site Coordinator and Detail leader for Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies, to include research and development for deep water organizations.

Providing Tactical Operations to Companies that required Tactical Support Service with business continuity in mind and its real time applications. With experience that allowed for work continuance and or negations to proceed without the risk and threats.

Current Vice President of Investigations “ISPAG”
Investigative and Security Professional Association of Georgia

Thomas Ethan Gamble

V.P. / Tactical Operations

Thomas Ethan Gamble brings years of Military service and training to TSS with Military Operations with US Army Rangers 1/75 Ranger Regiment.

Having grown up and exposed to a life of Tactical Operations and Strike Mitigation exposure has made Ethan Gamble a valuable tool for TSS. With his Military Training and attention to detail has made Ethan Gamble a valued part of our Team.

Matthew Smith,

Tactical Operations

Matthew Smith has 17 years riot and crowd control training & experience, emphasized training in de-escalation tactics. Mr. Smith years of active field activity has made Mr. Smith a viable part of our Tactical Operations.
Served in the positions of front line echelon and team leader in the use of Line Activity Movement and Formations required for a positive conclusion for Risk Mitigation in a Fixed location and actions.
Trained in and experienced effects of pepper spray (Capsicum)
Applied tactics using shield and ASP techniques as well as beanbag rounds and rubber bullets.
Defensive Tactics instructor, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
Incident Command Center (ICS), Organized crime, Criminal Law
Compliance-Law Enforcement.
Narcotics - Dangerous drugs investigations
Sex crimes investigations

Unique training that “augments” Tactical Guard applications.

About Us

Tactical Support Services, Inc. specializes in providing corporations with Professional Security Personnel to companies in need.

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